"I’ve been sitting every morning for a few years now. After about 20 minutes I can start to get quite uncomfortable, but using this support I have increased how long I can sit in comfort. It makes a big difference."


The Sunburst Meditation Cushion* is a brand new design made of 100% Indian cotton and filled with hulled buckwheat.  The unique triangular shape of the cushion allows the pelvis to tilt naturally which will ensure a natural spinal alignment. It also bypasses the main artery into the legs reducing and may eliminate the legs ‘falling asleep’ syndrome.  

The cushion is manufactured in India by a family business.


• Compact ergonomic design for effortless sitting

• Design is inspired by the natural shape of the pelvis

• Light weight

• Ideal travel companion

• Washable covers (Hand wash only)


Size : Width: 42.5cm x 31.5 cm length. 16.5" x 1ft x "

Weight : 0.75kg


The Cushion can be adjusted to a personal height and comfort by removing some of the filling if necessary.

I have desigend and founded the Sunburst Meditation Cushions and is a result of many years of yoga and meditation practice.


I conducted many months of studies with various shapes, fillings and materials, taking my cushions all over the world consulting with professionals and practitioners.

I finally settled after much deliberation on the current design and immediately sought patent rights for his invention, the Sunburst Meditation Cushion.


* The Sunburst® Meditation Cushion is a registered design - No: 001534330-0001 Copyright © 2011 Sunburst® Meditation Cushions.


copyright of StephanSivaYoga.com 2012





The cushion has also improved my posture as it allows me to sit higher up, allowing my pelvis to tilt forward and my spine to form into its natural 's' shaped curve. The sunburst cushion is especially comfortable as the buckwheat seeds allow extra cushioning under the sit bones allowing me to stay upright with less fatigue through my spinal and abdominal muscles".

Nancy Braithwaite

Chartered Physiotherapist and Yoga Instructor


"Sunburst cushions are a great invention for those who find it generally too uncomfortable to sit cross legged on the floor. I used to get pins and needles in my left foot when sitting in Sukhasana and this would develop in the first 5 minutes and I found this very distracting when moving into deep meditation. Since using this cushion, I have not experienced these pins and needles.

Staff at Yogamatters   

"This cushion is really great. So comfortable for seated meditation. I can't tell you why it's so much better than anything else I've tried before... the design is just so very comfortable. And it's small and light enough to take with you when you travel too. The best thing I ever used for meditation (I've previously used zafus, seats, rolled yoga mats, cushions), worth every penny. Namaste."


"The Cushion is very good quality, I use it as its meant to be used for meditation and also in savasna under my head(neck) its just moulding to your shape. I even had a few complements ..Love it!"

Tatiana M N

"Wow! For the first time ever I am able to sit cross legged for the full length of the japa sadhana without having to uncross my legs because of numbness/pins and needles  in my right leg. Wonderful!"


"Spent ages trying to decided which style cushion to get, found this and love it. Perfect for meditation, no more numb bum or circulation cutting off to my legs. Can't emphasize how much I like this cushion."

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