The lives of the spiritual masters, the saints and sages of the east have fascinated and inspired me since my teens. I always knew that there is more to live than just the physical existence and so the spiritual aspect of yoga and its philosophy was like 'coming home' from my very first class and the beauty of that continues to open my eyes and heart to many of life's insights.

I have had the greatest of fortunes to have received, and continue to receive, the guidance of many inspirational people, teachers and indeed 'real' masters. This process has gradually undone so many personally held believe structures, so  that today I don't consider yoga and religion as 'have to follow and behave' doctrines, but as a tool to become who you really are. Stillness is within and after over 27 years of practice, the practice takes care of everything...One just has to learn to be still. In the words of the great master Sri Swami Satchidananda: "Have Faith and the Trust in the practice and everything will come". All this enables me to bring all aspects of yoga and philosophy into my classes.


In addition to full-time Yoga teaching, I work as a  Sports Massage Therapist and also do  Injury Treatments. My sporting background, my long study and practice of movement and Yoga, has lead me to do general body work as well as subtle tissue & trauma release work (Craniosacral based), posture alignment and rehabilitation work.


I am a senior teacher and teacher trainer in the tradition of Integral Yoga and in the past I  have also worked as a Lead Back Pain, RSI and Ergonomics Consultant.


I have designed and founded the Sunburst Meditation Cushions and I have written and compiled a book about my practice.



Memberships that I am registered with:

Integral Yoga® Teachers Association (IYTA)

Independent Yoga Network (IYN)



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