Yoga nidra or Yogic Sleep promotes deep rest and relaxation that isn't found in your average meditation practice. The stages of body scan and breath awareness alone can be practiced to calm the nervous system, leading to less stress and better health.

I have recored my own version, one with and one without background music, and left it openended so the practitioner can stay in there for as long as one prefers.


My classes include postures and periodes of quiet sitting and breathing practices and these are particulaly important to the practice.

I was inspired in creating the perfect balance and posture during these times. The design is the result of my many years of yoga and meditation practice.

I conducted many months of studies with various shapes, fillings and materials, taking my cushions all over the world consulting with professionals and practitioners.

I finally settled after much deliberation on the current design and immediately sought patent rights for his invention, the Sunburst Meditation Cushion.

The SunburstĀ® Yoga and Meditation Cushion is a unique brand amongst mediation cushions. The triangular shape allows the pelvis to tilt naturally which ensures natural alignment and effortless sitting. Studies have shown it also aids in the elimination of discomfort during or after sitting cross legged. This, as a result, also improves the flow of all important healthy prana (life force) or qi energy in the body which is important for health, healing and well being.


Compact ergonomic design for effortless sitting

Design is inspired by the natural shape of the pelvis

Light weight

Ideal travel companion

Washable covers (Hand wash only)

Size : Width: 42.5cm x 31.5 cm length. 16.5" x 1ft x "

Weight : 0.75kg

The Cushion can be adjusted to a personal height and comfort by removing or adding some of the filling if necessary.