Due to the pandemic I am currently only teaching

1-2-1 sessions and online

Classes may resume if social distancing is no longer in place.


6.00-7.30pm - Online Only


7.45-9.30pm - Online Only


Private Tuition Available - To make an appointment email

Please only enquire if you seek personal transmormation and/or are interested to deepen your understanding of Yoga as a system and not to develop just the body for strength and flexibility.


1-2-1 session with Stephan - £45.00/hour

Pay-As-You-Go session - £10

5-week course (valid for 5 weeks) - £45 *

10-week course (valid for 10 weeks) - £85 *

Gift vouchers available. Please ask for details.

* Classes which are not attended will count as a taken

Information on Classes

Beginners Level is for those who have no or some experience in the practice of Hatha Yoga. After a few classes as we become more familiar with the postures (asana) we start to experience the dynamics of alignment. As our awareness increases we learn to see the whole body's response to the postures and what we need to let go of in order to relax more deeply. Increased strength, balance and flexibility will be part of the experience.

Intermediate / Advanced Level is designed for those who have been practicing Hatha Yoga very regularly. New and stronger postures (asana) are introduced and some postures will be held for longer. More focus is given to pranayama (breathing practice), chanting and meditation, the focus becomes more inward and the practice takes on a more meditative quality.

Integral-Ashtanga Yoga (Vinyasa) is a dynamic, challenging and energetic, but also explorative class with the use of background music. We will be using postures and breath to create a flowing movement which will help to create strength, flexibility and stamina and it will also highlight the stillness and peace permanently present in all of us. This class is a combination of Integral Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga and only suitable for those who have been practicing for quite some time. This class, will be taught by Stephan and it is based on his own personal practice.

Private Meditation/Yoga Philosophy is desigend to learn how to meditate, to ask questions on how to manage our thoughts and feelings and ultimately how find peace within ourselves.

1-2-1 is available at your own home or at my place. There will be a suppleme charge for home visits.

Body Alignment & Posture Work available on a 1-2-1 basis only.