Is A Spiritual Practice Necessary?

Having had the sense that there is more to life than just this body and a deep sense of spirituality it has always been alien to me to see those who have not got that in their lives.

A yoga practice which is not rooted in that which yoga had been designed for is simply exercise or movement of some kind.

I increasingly meet people who struggle with their mental activites and emotions and more often than not reveals an absence of a spiritual aspect in their life.

For some time now I have questioned the relevance of how important it is to have a spiritual practice in ones life. I had no idea because everyone is different and there are almost endless ways to reach the True Self.

These days I feel that a spiritual practice of any kind, with form or without, is vital to first establish a settled mind before a deeper rooting in something that is beyond words and thoughts can reveal itself.

What Is Letting Go?

Letting Go is a temporary release that can occur in either the mind or the body but affect both simultaneously or in other words when something releases in the body it also releases in the mind.

It can happen spontaneously and is most commonly associated with yoga but it is also an aspect talked about in other traditions. When the letting go happens it often has a very deep effect on the individual, is very insightful and leaves an immediate imprint in ones memory. However what happens after that event is very interesting and if not pointed out it's not seen...Letting Go then becomes a technique or a practice. It is being used as an instruction to let go of 'stuff' no longer wanted or therefore disliked in ones life. 'Stuff' that is seen as annoying and keeps happening and then letting go becomes a mental repetition like a mantra...'I must let go of this' etc. We look at aspects of our life that we are dissatisfied with or feel pain and tell 'it' to let go....but that then no longer works because the mind it trying to reproduce the effect experienced from that event when it occurred naturally and spontaneously when temporarily no wish of 'trying to get rid of stuff' was involved. The first reaction to anything that we are not happy with is rejection, interestingly enough not many consider integration and when suggested it is not seen as normal. Letting go is then used to get rid of anything unwanted.

The true letting go happens when all that we reject or wish was different is totally integrated as part of our manifestation.

Life is a Game (or Life is like a Game)

Imagine the following....:

Imagine the world as a game that you are about to enter as a player.

Before entering the game you, the player, is free of everything and have total Knowledge of everything, unconfined to space and time, You are eternal. You know the objective of the game is to realise or remember that you are All-Knowing.

The game that you are about to play has been given certain parameters, like thoughts, emotions, memory, the law of nature and so on. Before playing you know that nothing and nobody actually affects you and you cannot affect anything around you but to make the game more interesting and challenging once you enter it all that you Know will be forgotten. So all ‘appears’ to affect you. Each player has his or her own plan to reach the goal and often we find ourselves in circumstances that perhaps are very challenging at times but this is due to the players choice. This all adds to make the game appear as confusing as possible. In some ways you could say that it’s testing your diligence and dedication to remember the Truth but in Truth non of it is actually happening. We are all single players in a game that appears to be a multi player game. We are all blaming, judging, loving and critisising others. When we stop doing that and look at ourselves we can actually see that we are the builder of our own world.